Heat Hacks: Stay Cool and Radiant


Ever wondered how to defeat the heat and stay cool and radiant during the summer months? Due to climate change heatwaves are occurring globally. Summer’s are getting hotter and more prolonged. Excessive heat can be fatal. As summer carries with it heat and scorching temperatures, it’s crucial to discover methods to stay cool and comfortable. 

From changing your eating regimen to revamping your skincare routine, here’s your comprehensive guide to overcoming the heat and embracing the summer glow.

Be sun savvy and beat the heat

The unbearable summer heat can sometimes really become a problem when you have a restless night’s sleep as the air conditioner has stopped working or your back is wet because of a heated flat. You are a sweaty, frizzy mess due to heat and humidity. So, how can you make the hot summer months bearable and better? Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

How can I overcome the heat in summer?

Basking in the sunshine is tolerable when you safeguard yourselves. Beating the intensity begins with remaining hydrated. Stay cool in the heat by consuming at least 3 liters of water throughout the day. This will prevent dehydration and keep the body temperature regulated. Avoid tea coffee, alcohol, and caffeine-containing drinks and simply stick to plain water. 

Bypass exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Direct heat exhaustion if remains untreated can lead to dehydration – dry mouth, dizziness, headaches. 

Apply sunscreen, wear loose-fitting cotton clothes, and cover your head whenever going out in direct sunlight. Guard your eyes with sunglasses.

Eat foods with high fluid content like cucumber, strawberries, watermelon, and lettuce. These light meals will keep up your hydration levels. 

Do not put extra stress on your body by doing a workout in the blazing sun. Avoid swimming in open water as this can be risky in hot weather. A hardcore exercise will risk dehydration. An early morning run is a better idea. Schedule your day keeping in mind the weather. Perform cool-down exercises and take a cold shower after completing your physical activity. Drinking lots of water and taking small breaks are advisable during physical training.

Learn basic medical aid abilities to treat heatstrokes, burns, etc, and ensure you have adequate medication.

To remain protected while using your vehicle check your tires, battery, fluid, and air conditioning because vehicles can be impacted by high temperatures.

How can I make the summer heat more bearable?

Air out your home around evening time or in the early mornings and keep windows, and doors closed at day time. Use a sun protection film on your window. Invest in air conditioners, coolers, or portable fans. Set bowls of ice or cold water before the fans. That will give an extra cooling effect. Select light-shaded paint for walls to reflect heat.

Chill your skin as heat escapes through the biggest organ in the body. Stop your skin from baking by placing your hands and feet in cool water.

Which foods increase body heat?

Keep away from spicy foods and heat-inducing vegetables like garlic, peppercorns, onions, ginger, and mustard seeds. They may generate stomach ailments and heat-related problems. 

Stay away from fried foods. Boiled, grilled, and steamed vegetables, and seasonal fruits, can be light on your stomach. Vegetables and herbs like spinach and mint, vitamin C-rich food, and other citrus fruits are good for reducing body heat. Cut down on the utilization of red meat like mutton, and lamb as food sources. Follow a low-sodium (salt) diet. Intake of excess salt creates high pressure which might help in increasing your body temperature. 

Yoga is an effective technique to decrease body heat. Cooling yoga Sitali breathing and asanas like the Marjari asana and Bitilasana ease pressure in the neck and open the energy centers. 

How to cool down body heat as per Ayurveda?

Pitta plays a vital role in controlling hormones and emotions. During the summer season, the earthly qualities are declined which leads to raised pitta dosha. Besides mental irritations increased pitta affects stomach-related problems like diarrhea, nausea, poor appetite, etc. Heat rashes, acne breakouts, urinary tract infections, and sunburns get activated. Along with pitta dosha, Vata dosha is additionally imbalanced in this season.

Include drinks like infused water prepared with popped rice, aromatic herbs, grapes, lemon, orange, watermelon, etc. 

Adapt Ayurveda-prescribed cooling treatments like Takahara (medicated buttermilk treatment), Shastika shall pinda sweda (rice potli), Kashaya Dhara, and Shirodhara, in summer as per the patient analysis. 

Perform Surya namaskar in the early morning hours and avoid Pranayama like Kapalbhati, bhastrika, bramari, etc during the summers. 

Brief afternoon naps are suggested in this season. Consume Buffalo milk as it assists in improving sleep. Include ghee and soups prepared with ash gourd, bottle gourd, cucumber, and seasonal vegetables in the meals.

How can I look prettier in summer?  

Summer is an ideal time when less is better. Instead of overstuffing with tedious preparation, planning, and grooming, it is a good idea to keep it minimalistic. Get rid of that blotchy face by applying some raw milk on the skin before going to bed and rinsing it off the next morning. 

Try this super-effective tan removal face pack. Mix sandalwood or fuller’s earth blended in with a little turmeric powder and rose water. The complexion will sparkle after using this pack.

Set aside the five-star cream, serums, etc, and simplify your summer by using a hydrating cleaning agent and hair mask. Switch to lightweight high-quality proven ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. Opt for water-based and non-greasy skincare products.

Switch to a light makeup base. Use mattifying moisturizer and sweat-proof makeup. Maintain your hair with Olive Oil a reliable hair care companion. To keep your hair in place Use a powder deodorant. Add a dash of deodorant to the intimate areas.

How do you accomplish the best summer makeup look?

The warm weather conditions lead to melting foundations and sticky skin. Like a pro supplant your regular makeup practice and attempt a new summer makeup look.

The humidity causes more sweat. To avoid the makeup from slipping off your face try priming your t-zone. Select a matt primer. It will diminish the extra brightness and will help hold the foundation for a long. 

Set your face cosmetics with powder to make it last for longer after you are done with the application of a lightweight foundation and a concealer dab the wrinkles with some powder. This baking process will seal the base makeup. Touch up with a compact powder when required to keep your makeup in place.

To make your eyeshadow look pop use a single shade. The eye makeup should be a minimum. Fill in your eyebrows and load your lashes with waterproof mascara. Seal your lips with a lip balm and dab a creamy lipstick or any blush. Revive your cheeks with blush. You can utilize some lipstick! Take some smooth lipstick on your fingers and warm it up. Apply it to your face and mix it well.

What are some summer skincare hacks for achieving healthy and glowing skin?

The skin needs extra attention during summer. It becomes dry, damaged, tanned, and dull due to the sun’s intense UV rays, sweat, and humidity. The main thing you can do for your skin during summer is to wear sunscreen. This will assist in shielding the skin from harmful UV rays. 

To diminish puffiness, massage your face before makeup in an upward movement for five minutes. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator as per your skin type to eliminate the dead skin cells. Get rid of pimples by applying green tea ice cubes. The usage of a good clay mask is recommended for oily skin. This will tackle summer breakouts. Protect your lips and keep them moisturized by using lip balm with SPF 15 or higher.

A face mist is an amazing way to keep your skin refreshed. Spritz face mist on your face over the day to keep the skin cool. Apply aloe vera gel or ice cubes on the face to reduce inflammation.

Get adequate rest. Follow your circadian clock and get a decent rest of around 7 hours consistently. Beauty sleep will do splendors for your skin! 

How can I be less smelly in summer?

The issue of body odor persists due to excessive sweating.

You can get yourself smelling fresh as a daisy by bathing twice a day. This is a perfect solution for people who sweat exorbitantly. Add the juice of a lemon to the bucket of bathing water to diminish the smell from the feet.

Dry your body properly with the towel before putting on your garments. Wetness attracts sweat easily. Get rid of the undesirable hair that might give a foul smell because of perspiring.

Select an antibacterial soap. It will assist with reducing the foul smell. Essential oils like lavender and peppermint give a nice fragrance and help reduce body odor.

Avoid nylon or synthetic clothes. Comfortable, loose cotton clothes assist with disappearing sweat. An antiperspirant or a deodorant covers the strong perspiration smell. You can splash some vinegar in the areas where perspiring is extreme. Vinegar assists in balancing the pH level of the skin and stops body odor.

How can I stop sweating so much in my private area?

Perspiring assists our body cool itself but if sweating hinders your daily life then it could indicate a problem like itching, pungent odor, irritation, etc. We have many sweat glands situated in our lower areas (nether regions) and that is the reason most people sweat between the legs. 

Generally, men sweat more than ladies. Excessive perspiring in ladies may be normal for men. Most ladies will encounter vaginal perspiring because of the presence of the apocrine glands. There are ways wherein the sweat stains on the groin of your yoga pants and the crotch sweat in men can be managed. Apply cornstarch to assist with controlling dampness and odor. Avoid tight-fitting yoga pants and synthetic underwear. Wear loose-fitting garments made of quick-drying materials. Sweat-wicking fabrics pull dampness away from the skin and keep the clothing dry. They contain odor-absorbing molecules that can keep you fresh all day. Bath two times daily. Reduce anxiety. Try yoga or meditation.  Utilize an antiperspirant, Stay away from spicy foods. 

What is the best Indian summer drink to beat the heat?

Here is a choice of summertime refreshments that will rehydrate and restore your body. Stay hydrated all through the sweltering season with refreshing drinks like- 

1– Aam Panna tops the list of summer coolers. It is made from raw mangoes and is known for its spicy flavor.

2– Lassi is a traditional Indian yogurt-based drink famous for its cooling properties.

3– Buttermilk is a probiotic-rich drink derived from the fluid left behind after stirring butter. Loaded with digestive benefits, quenches thirst and offers a refreshing break.

4– Zesty Jal Jeera stimulates the senses with its aromatic spices. This refreshment drink is crafted with a powerful combination of flavors including cumin, black pepper, mint, and black salt. 

5– Thandai is a traditional drink and a customary beverage during festivals like Holi. Made from a mix of almonds, fennel seeds, flower petals, cardamom, peppercorns, saffron strands and chopped nuts, captivates the palate.

6– Coconut Water is nature’s electrolyte and has a sweet taste, nutritional benefits, and hydrating characteristics.

7– Sattu Drink is derived from roasted gram flour. This refreshing concoction is made by blending Sattu flour with water, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. Packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins this nutritious beverage nourishes the body and keeps it hydrated.

8– Bel Sharbat is a sweet and tangy flavored unique drink. The pulp of wood apples is mashed with water and sugar.


As we navigate through climate change, it’s essential to focus on remaining cool and comfortable. Extreme heat can bring critical health hazards like dehydration and heatstroke. Always pay attention to your body, remain hydrated, and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

You can beat the heat and make summer a time of beauty, wellness, and safety by making simplifying changes to your eating regimen, skincare schedule, and lifestyle.


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