Hydration – The LifeLine Of Being Healthy

Hydration is one of the most critical parameters of healthy living. Don't overlook your feeling of thirst. Ingest at least eight glasses of water and keep the hydration at the optimum level.

Hydration is one of the most critical parameters of healthy living. Don’t overlook your feeling of thirst. Ingest at least eight glasses of water and keep the hydration at the optimum level.
Since our bodies are composed of a lot of water – it is present in all our cells, blood, tissues, and muscles – it’s no wonder that water has always been an essential part of medical treatment, right from the most ancient of times.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated does not mean drinking just plain water. One can stay drenched by consuming sodas, milk, juices, soup, etc. Include these fluids in your day-to-day consumption.

Does staying watered mean overfilling your system?

Staying drenched doesn’t mean overfilling your system with an
extreme quantity of water or liquid. We have heard that drinking a good amount of water keeps our system healthy, but unnecessarily consuming oodles of water irrelevant places pressure on the body.

How does ingesting additional water add strain to the body?

 Ingesting extra water adds strain on the body in two major ways.

1- It can increase the total blood volume, which puts an unneeded load on the heart and blood vessels.

2- The kidneys need to work overtime to filter the additional water. They need to fight back to get rid of the extra water.

Why is it essential to be hydrated?

Keeping hydrated is really essential for the body to survive. Our body is made up of nearly 60% of water. For proper functioning of the tissues, cells, and organs, water is required.

10 advantages to staying hydrated

1- Losing weight- Water is the best tool for weight loss because it often replaces high-calorie drinks like soda, juice, and alcohol with a drink that does not have any calories.
2- Heart Fitness- Consuming a good quantity of water can reduce your chance of heart attack. Avoid excess consumption.
3- Energy – A dehydrated body feels tired. Supply water to the system and feel energetic.
4- Headache- Drink enough water and treat headaches.
5- Wholesome Skin- Drinking water makes the skin wholesome, glossy, and healthy.
6- Healthy digestion- The digestive system needs a sufficient quantity of water
to digest food.
7- Washes out toxins- Water releases wastes from the body and detoxifies it.
8- Decrease the risk of colon cancer- Drinking a healthy amount of water has also been found to reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45%. 
9- Better exercise- Exercise requires additional water. 
10- Keep joints hydrated/lubricated – The synovial fluid helps to keep the joints greased. This fluid is largely made up of water.

How to know that you are dehydrated?

The indications that indicate that your body requires water are as follows –
1- Urine color- Colorless, transparent urine indicates good hydration, while a yellow tint symbolizes a lack of water in the body.

 2- Fatigue- Dehydration causes tiredness or fatigue. A good night’s sleep
depends on how hydrated your body is.
3- Occurrence of Headache- Hydration keeps the headaches at bay.
4- Waterless and dry mouth- A dry mouth and chapped lips are a sign of a shortage of water in the body.
5- Less sweat and tears- A noticeable smaller amount of sweat and tears also demonstrates dehydration.

6- Extreme thirst- The desire to drink water will grow.
10 tips that can help you to maintain hydrat
Sometimes it is challenging to drink enough water. Here are some tips that can assist

1- The best guidance is following your sense of thirst. Drink water whenever you are thirsty.

2- Consume water pre, post, and during exercise or physical training.

3- Always carry a bottle of water. You can refill it when the need arises.

4- If the taste of plain water is displeasing, you can add flavor to it. Add lemon slices to the water.

5- Make it a habit of ingesting water at the start of each hour. Set a reminder.

6- Gulp a little water wherever you are. Sip water even if you are not thirsty.

7- Add more fruits to your plate which hold sufficient water eg. watermelon, cucumber, melons, etc

8- Avoid tea and coffee. It increases urination resulting in the loss of more water from the body.

9- Stay indoors if it is too hot outside. Bypass sun exposure Between 10 a:m to 2 pm.

10- Keep an eye on the signs of dehydration. Watch your body and maintain enough water supplies to your system.

Hot water

A lot of us prefer to drink water, either cold or at room temperature. Swallowing hot water has its usefulness.

7 advantages of sipping hot water

1- Skin – The skin needs water to maintain its hydration level. Well-hydrated skin looks young and supple. But for people who have acne and/or oily skin, hot water helps clear the skin.
2- Liver – Drinking water benefits the liver by flushing off the toxins.

3-Appetite in good shape – When you drink hot water before a meal, it helps to control your appetite. Hot water drunk during a meal helps you digest the food better. But drink only one cup of hot water at mealtime. Any more and it will dilute the digestive system.

4-Fit joints and muscles – If you suffer from joint and muscle problems or stiffness, you will benefit if you drink hot water. Joints have lubricants, which need adequate hydration. Hot water also helps to detoxify the body. 

5-Healthy winter – If you drink a lot of tea or coffee during cold weather it’s usually to keep warm. Replace them with hot water instead, it will also keep you warm, but in a much healthier way. 

6- Reduces fat- Drinking hot water throughout the day helps you lose weight because hot water decreases the appetite and also decreases the body’s absorption of oil. 

7-Fine noses – Hot water helps decongest the sinuses.

To enhance the taste of hot water a dash of lemon juice or a bit of cinnamon powder can be added. This advice is for those who do not like the taste of hot water.

7 Skin advantages of consuming water 

Drinking water increases the luster of the skin and makes it prettier. Water keeps the skin recharged, and provides essential nutrients to the cells. Hydrated cells help the skin look tighter, fitter, and healthier. 

Open and close skin pores with water? Splashing water on 

the face does it all. 

Open pores – Splash warm water to unclog the skin pores. 

Close pores – Splash cold water to seal the pores. 

1- Decline wrinkles- Just by drinking enough water, you can get the benefits of anti-wrinkle creams. It slows down the aging process. Water preserves skin’s elasticity. Hydrated skins are less likely to be harmed from blemishes, spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

2-Reduces Acne Hydrated- The body releases toxins from the skin. It shrinks the pores. The skin becomes less prone to suffering from acne. 

3-Cleans the skin- Drinking lukewarm water before going to bed releases excess salt and cleanses the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated through the night by releasing unwanted toxins. The intake of warm water balances the loss caused by sweating while you sleep.

4- Tighten the skin- Ingesting generous amounts of water throughout the day tightens the skin. Excessive weight loss causes sagging of the skin. Consuming water gradually fades skin drooping. 

 5- Maintains pH balance- Drinking water retains pH balance in your skin. Washing the skin thoroughly after utilizing face wash maintains the proper pH balance. 

6- Keep the skin moisturized – Drink adequate water to keep the skin moistened. It adds bounce/elasticity to the skin.

 7- Removes the under-eye dark circle- Under-the-eye dark circle never happens on hydrated skin. Bathing also retains the moisture of the body.


Just keep in mind “Drink at least 8 glasses of fluid a day” because all fluids count towards the daily total. Water is required for all-around good health.


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