How To Apply Hair Mask || How to Prepare It

Hair Mask

When we talk about a specific hair mask, we discuss conditioners and are more to them. Other ingredients nourish your hair and give good shine and help in recovering damaged hair.

Here are 9 pieces of information one should know to tackle hair problems.

Ever wondered what is a hair mask?

Have you ever used a face mask? Well, a hair mask is just the same, except you apply it to your hair. A hair mask, as the word suggests is a protection for the hair.

How does a hair mask protect?

Well, it provides a shield to the hair effortlessly and increases its gleam on the dehydrated and spoilt hair.

Are they natural?

Hair masks are natural, smooth, and very effective for somebody looking to magnify their hair’s original luminosity.

When to apply it?

Applying monthly hair masks can nourish your tresses and have an everlasting conditioning impact

Method of using it?

Rinse your hair with a shampoo, apply the hair mask, and avoid the roots. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash it.

Benefits of hair masks?

  • It increases the quality of the hair
  • The ingredients used to masks can be found in the kitchen
  • The process takes just 15minutes

Advantages of some generally utilized components in creating hair masks

Few very commonly used ingredients are Eggs, Olive Oil, Yogurt, Lemon, Milk and Honey

Egg – Deep moisturizes, gives shine and growth to the locks.

The protein and vitamins existing in eggs nourish and moisturize the hair. Studies say that they more likely help with the growth.

Yogurt – The protein present in yogurt protein gives shine. Treats dandruff and takes care of frizz.

Milk – Vitamins A, B6, calcium, biotin, and potassium are available in milk. It strengthens hair, encourages growth. Makes it softer and shinier.

Honey – Great moisturizer. Turns dull hair sparkling by adding moisture to the locks. It restores nutrients to the scalp.

Olive Oil – Promotes moisture and increases the gloss of the strands. It fights dandruff and gives frizz-free hair 

Lemon – Cleanses the scalp and checks dandruff. 

Lemon is a natural clarifier and contributes shine to the hair.

How to make a hair mask?

Whether your hairs are dehydrated, greasy, dull, or broken, there are items you can get in your kitchen to fix your hairs condition. Though preparing it is very easy nevertheless you can also find chemical-free hair masks in the market which works wonders for the hair

Time to turn them into a mask

Recipe of a quick and easy hair mask picking up only three ingredients from the top list.

Egg – One

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Two tbsp

Yogurt – four tbsp


  • Break the egg and whisk it thoroughly. It should look like baby yellow. 
  • Proceed to add yogurt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mix super well. At least to the best of your ability.
  • The smoother the mixture, the easier the application.
  • It smells like a creamy lemon pie.

How to apply?

Brush your hair. Apply the mask from root to tip. Focus on your tips because they need extra help. Go section by section. Equally spread it all over. 

Keep it for fifteen minutes. Rinse with cold water. Use a good shampoo.

Few homemade hair masks are as follows

Egg Mask — Beat two eggs along with their yolks with two tablespoons of water. Massage the concoction into clean, damp hair. Keep it on for ten to fifteen minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Banana Mask — Mix banana, one beaten egg, honey, milk, and olive oil and apply. Wash it off after fifteen minutes.

Yogurt Mask — Apply a blend of an egg-white with six tablespoons of yogurt and rinse off after fifteen minutes.

Milk And Honey Mask — A blend of a cup of full-fat milk with a tablespoon of honey is enough to bring the dazzle back.

Olive oil hair mask — this brew is a combination of five tsp olive oil with two eggs. Clean it off after fifteen minutes.

Difference between a hair mask and a conditioner

1- You must be questioning what is the variation between these two? It’s simple. A conditioner hydrates the locks and whereas the masks go deeper within the roots.

2- A hair mask is always applied prior head wash whereas a conditioner is applied after a wash.

3- You can see the outcome of the conditioner immediately wherein the hair masks will show their results after several applications.

4- It is applied on dry hair and conditioner as you know on wet hair.

5 – It is an answer to resolve damaged hair and the conditioner provides sheen to all types of hair.

Though hair masks are made from ingredients easily available in your kitchen, it is quite messy and a bit time-consuming to prepare them. Few effective, effortless, chemical-free hair masks that give 100 percent results are available in the market, so why go for a mess?

I am providing few affiliate links to the commodities which will make you say goodbye to all your hair problems. To name a few these tried and tested products are as follows –wow skin science hair mask for dry and damaged hair, Mamaearth’s onion hair mask for hair fall control, Biotique Banana deeply nourishing hair mask for dry to normal hair. These hair masks provide excellent outcomes and are completely hassle-free. I assure you that you’ll get outstanding results and these products will resolve all your hair-related issues.

Compiling answers to some questions.

What do hair masks do for your hair?

Hair masks go deeper within the roots and repair weakened hair. The results are visible in several applications.

It makes locks shinier, healthier, strong, dandruff-free, and damage-free. Masks increase hair growth.

What is the best hair mask?

There are some excellent products available in the stores.

Home-made hair masks will be natural, chemical-free, and show assured results.

Do you use a hair mask before or after shampooing?

The hair mask is applied prior to shampoo. Spread the masks all over your scalp from roots to the tip.

Rinse off following fifteen minutes. Later you need to shampoo your tresses.

Can I apply a hair mask on dirty hair?

The application should always be done on clean and wet hair. Never spread it on a dirty scalp. The combination of the impurities with the hair mask will ruin the after-effects of its usage.

How do I choose a hair mask?

Hair masks are of different types and for different problems. I have mentioned above some properties of basic ingredients of hair masks.

Choose the masks which are applicable to your hair problem. The details are mentioned on the container of the readymade hair masks.

Can you leave a hair mask on too long?

Leaving the masks on for too long is not advisable. Fifteen to a maximum of thirty minutes are good to fix the hair-related problem.


A hair mask goes inside the roots and is used for hair regimen. A conditioner manages to give luster to the tresses and makes the locks silky and flexible.

For deep hydration and treatment use hair masks. The application should not be more than once or twice a week. Keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Do not expect an immediate improvement to your hair health. After regular usage, a visible healthy crowning glory will definitely make you happy.


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