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Sun Tan – 11 Easy Removal Home Remedies

Sun tan is one of the most stubborn patches and a challenge for most of us when the question arises of removing it. In this blog, we will explore how to eliminate tanning through 11 easy sun-tan removal home remedies. There’s no dodging the sun, and when you stay out for too long, gradually the skin becomes dark.

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Anti Aging – 20 Ayurvedic Remedies

The 20 ayurvedic anti aging remedies featured in this write-up can slow down aging. Age is just a number. It needs to be embraced. However, it can’t be reversed but can be controlled by following some ayurvedic practices and habits.

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Homemade Skincare With Creams, Lotions, Serums, And More

Homemade skin care categorizes as skin creams, lotions, and scrubs. These DIY emulsions make your skin feel attractive. A little know-how about how these lotions can be prepared brings skin’s behavior back on track. A need for organic and natural handmade products are a must for the goodness of the skin.

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10 Home remedies to cure dandruff naturally

Easy home remedies to cure dandruff are always rated over any other treatment alternatives. There are a plethora of over-the-counter medicines available to cure this flaky problem, but home remedies are appreciated by everyone. These remedies are natural and are very effective, without the fear of any side effects.