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WINTER CARE FOR YOUR HAIR – Problems and fixes

How to take care of your hair in winter? Should any specific winter care routine be followed for your precious mane? Do winters bring hair problems like breakage, split ends, hair fall, white flakes, and frizziness?

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Nail Sparkle – its journey and guide

Have you ever queried who discovered nail sparkle? Nail polish is one of the hottest and most commonly seen style accessories. Nail dazzler has turned out to be a custom of its own.

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Fuller’s Earth: Categories and Uses

Fuller’s earth is mineral-rich clay and chiefly comprised of aluminum-magnesium silicate. This clay is also known as Multani mitti or mud from the Multan region. It is one of the most treasured beauty products of India. Seventy-four percent of this clay is found in Rajasthan.