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skin food

Good skin food is central to overall skin health. Our skin is the reflection of our internal health. You are what you eat. So to get that sparkling skin, you need to focus on the consumption of the right food.

 Some essential facts about the skin

Before we proceed towards knowing the basics of food, let’s highlight some essential facts about the skin.

1- If you have dry body skin, your face skin will be oily and vice versa.

2- One soap is as good as the other? All soap does is clean the surface of the skin and it doesn’t impart any special properties to the skin. So what you pay for is the perfume hence the price range.

3- Dandruff is nothing but the normal scaling, which occurs from every part of the body? The skin undergoes various stages and eventually, when it reaches the top layer it flakes off. But when it comes to the hair the scales get trapped like fish in a net.

4- Hair fall is due to pollution, stress, and an unhealthy diet.

The following cure ensures a glowing complexion.

1- A good sunblock for the skin is a must. Use it even if you are not going out and are just sitting at home for UV (ultraviolet) rays are reaching you at all times.

2- Wash oily skin frequently with soap and water. It helps get rid of surface oil, dust, and grime.

3- If your skin is dry, you have to hydrate the skin. Thus wash the skin with as little soap as possible and then trap in the moisture by immediately using some cream.

4- If you have normal skin, wash your face with soap and water 3 to 4 times a day.

5- Keep your skin as clean as possible. Every night clean your face with cleansing milk and cotton wool. Then wash your face with a face wash and apply moisturizer for dry skin and a light one for oily skin.

6- Apply lip balms if your lips are dry.

7- Use under-eye creams to protect against wrinkles.

8- Fuller’s earth and honey make superb and cheap face packs.

9- Always get rid of makeup completely before going to sleep at night. The best way to do this is to wash your face with a little warm water and soap.

These simple steps would ensure fresh and healthy-looking skin throughout the season.

Our skin depends on the skin food we eat.

The food we eat affects our skin. Eating healthier food slows signs of aging and lessens age-related dryness. Vitamins, minerals, etc are important for the skin. These nutrients reduce fine lines.

Fats as skin food, good or bad?

What about fats? Are they good for our all-around health? Although fat is a big concern for our general health, However, it is a boon for the skin. Fats supply moisture to the skin and make it look youthful.

Skin food for our skin and overall health

Besides taking care of our skin the food we eat should also be good for our overall health. Keeping this in mind what food should be eaten which can keep our skin and our health wholesome?

Skin food for those who relish eating out

Lots of us enjoy takeaways or eating out at restaurants or cafes. At home, you can control what and how much goes on your plate. But it’s a different matter when you eat out.

The Big Fat Problem

Large portions, fried foods, and food that are high in fat tend to be more common on restaurant menus, but this doesn’t have to be a problem. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re entirely bad though fat is an important contributor to good health.

Here are a few simple guidelines

1- Choose foods, which are grilled, steamed poached, or stir-fried.

2- Avoid snacks before you eat.

3- Ask for boiled potatoes instead of chips.

4- Ask for a starter-sized portion with a side order of vegetables or salad.

5- Go for tomato-based sauces rather than creamy sauces.

6- Ask for salad dressings and sauces on the side and just a little.

7-Go easy on the alcohol.

Few things to remember.

Health can be achieved by stealth in cooking. It’s about a balanced diet and not a banning of any foodstuffs. Don’t let eating healthy spoil your life it need not stop those special occasion eating out experiences.

Five a day formula

5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day don’t always have to mean fresh fruit and vegetable – consider frozen, tinned, dried, or juiced – all of them count.

Potatoes are not part of your 5 a day though. A more nutritious option would but pulses and pulses that can absorb lots of your favorite flavors.

Eating light is eating right

Here are seven ways to eat light.

1- Get the proportion right – Instead of having a little soup and a big main course have a small first course and a large bowl of soup.

2- Add flavor without fat – If you are bored with your dinner, Then you will either eat too much of it or eat too much of something else after it, so the best idea is to not get bored in the first place. That means.

(a) Shop seasonally. 

(b) Use fresh herbs and herb oils for instant flavor. 

(c) Use lemons to add a citrus tang. 

(d) Infuse olive oils with your favorite spice. 

3- Eat carbohydrates for lunch, protein for dinner – If you have your main carbohydrates in the middle of the day then your body had plenty of time to digest them in the afternoon. Dinner can be something lighter.

4- Buy a steamer – There are a few things more boring than a plate of steamed vegetables but there’s a lot more to steaming than soggy veggies

5- Bake instead of fry, grill instead of bake – Many foods that are traditionally fried taste better if baked in the oven instead.

6- Eat breakfast – It might sound odd, but a good way to ‘eat light’ is to ‘start heavy’ in the morning with a healthy breakfast such as oats, porridge that will give you a slow release of energy throughout the morning.

7- Substitutes don’t scrap. – It is not just about the food – it’s also the way you eat it that matters. Eating light means eating at the table with friends and family. It means eating at a relaxed, leisurely pace, with plenty of time for chewing before the next mouthful goes in. 

What is the great thing about eating light?

The great thing about eating light is that you can still love your food – just focus on loving food that is good for you. People who really adore food and flavor have a much better chance of eating well, healthy and enjoying every minute of it. They shop seasonally, know how to cook, and are often actively involved in the growing and preparation of good food. Therefore, greed is good after all.

Basics of good diet

Here we look at the 5 major food groups which foods belong to each and why what good they do you, and how much of each you should be eating every day

Five major food groups

1- Bread, Cereals, and potatoes – your body’s main source of energy. This food group also contains rice, pasta, and noodles and is full of starchy carbohydrates 

2- Fruit and vegetable – Fruits and vegetables are brimming with fiber, plus a whole range of vitamins and minerals.

3- Meat, Fish, Eggs, and alternatives – They’re grouped together because they’re all rich in protein.

4- Milk and Dairy – The foods in this group contain many different types of nutrients, but are particularly rich in calcium.

5- Fats and Sugars – The foods in this group contain few nutrients.

Easy way out

Here are some healthy and easy ways and some ideas to make sure that a portion of food from this group forms the basis of every meal

1- Porridge, Oats with natural yogurt, raisins, and sunflower seeds for breakfast. 

2- Wholemeal bread banana sandwich or jacket potato for lunch.

3- Seafood, chicken, brown rice, for dinner.

4- Fruit and vegetables. (5 portions of fruit and vegetable every day).

Eat these friendly skin foods

For that even-toned, pimple-free, wrinkle-free, skin include eggs, carrots, tomatoes, Quinoa, peas, spinach, lentils, beans, nuts, etc in your diet.

Vitamins are the skin’s best friend. Intake enough vitamins. Vitamin D, C, E, and K are to name a few.


Besides a healthy and balanced diet to add as skin food, all you need is to pursue a specific skincare routine and practice yoga religiously daily for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

No one can stop you from attaining that envious skin.


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