About Myself


Born and brought up in Rajasthan. I hold a master’s in Indian Classical Music and English Literature along with a diploma in Textile designing, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda.

I desire to begin by stating that I am a blogger and I am blogging with a goal in mind. Readers are of real value to me and to cater service to them is my priority. I wish to share my expertise with them and would love to resolve various beauty-related queries through my write-ups.

We know that the remedies to all our beauty and health-related problems are available in our kitchen. Our grandmothers have taught us to do that, but nowadays it seems we are forgetting the lessons taught by them. From my grandmother’s secret diary, I will try to share some secrets to good and beautiful health.

Our well-informed and skilled seniors have always been an open encyclopedia of knowledge. They always have remedies related to innumerable queries may it be beauty, health, cooking,  or simple day-to-day routine. For years I had maintained a practice of jotting down important notes.

Multiple times those notes listed down in my book of knowledge have been life saviors. Not only those important pieces of data rescued us but have recovered many of my near and dear ones.

One fine day I realized that why keep the learning and all those valuable suggestions with me? Let me spread the acquaintance to everyone. Let my readers get benefit from it.

So I began my journey as a writer for my readers to distribute my learning from my ancestors and my education on herbs, Ayurveda, beauty, etc with them.

I hope my erudition and experience on multiple aspects including hair care, beauty, skincare, yoga, Ayurveda, kitchen relish charm on diverse domains including quick tips and tricks, and many more will be of remarkable guidance to my reader.

My problem-solving abilities have healed numerous people. I desire to interact with my readers through my website and wish to assist them with some well-known forgotten treatments stated in Naturopathy and Ayurveda ( a bliss to mankind) and practiced for years by our predecessors. Hope in this journey I can provide my service to my readers to the fullest.


Music, Health Cooking, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Blogging, Art & Craft, Nutrition, Spiritualism

Favorite Films

Masoom, What Dreams May Come, Knowing, Guide

Favorite Music

Indian Classical Music, Gazhals, Soft Romantic Songs

Favorite Books

Freak for Life, The monk who sold his Ferrari, The Secret, Ayurvedic and Health related books.