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Homemade Hair Dye and Oils for Covering your Greys!

Homemade hair dye and oils are not an old concept for us. In the early days, it was prevalent in rural and even in urban lifestyles but the ingredients and possibly their taxonomy is different. Here you will find some salient points and discussion which will clear this concept of masking your grey hairs. For more questions, please comment below.

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What To Know About Coconut Oil || How To Use It

Can we designate coconut oil as a superfood? It is obtained from coconut flesh and recognized for its multiplied uses. It is utilized in cooking and executes a role in enhancing one’s inner and outside beauty. This oil is effortlessly obtainable and exceptionally beneficial.

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Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit

Everywhere there are praises of Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit. What makes it so special? The answer is Onions. Yes, the kit is enriched with the benefits of onions

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Vedix customized ayurvedic hair care regimen-A Review

Following a plethora of commodities on the internet with glorifying promises my confusion deepened. Then my attention was sought by a unique brand that has gained, quite a reputation for offering a customized solution based on one’s skin and hair concerns. And I zeroed my search on the brand named Vedix products.