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Fasting – for a Healthier You

Fasting has become a popular method for getting fit, supporting digestion, and expanding life span. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced faster, this article will furnish you with the vital data to help you start and prevail in your fasting process.

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Sun Charged Water – Applications And Benefits

Sun charged water is similar to sunbathing and sun gazing. You can replenish your body with the goodness of sun rays by drinking sun-charged water daily. Sun charged water is a celestial path for overall health and well-being.

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Weight Loss: 10 Effective Ways to lose weight

Attaining weight loss in a short period has mushroom growth everywhere. It’s a belief that a slim body showcases a fit body. How accurate is this belief? In this write up we will discuss some effective ways to lose weight.

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10 Amazing Benefits of Walking Every Day

After learning the 10 amazing benefits of walking every day a health freak will certainly adopt this easiest and cheapest way of exercising. It is better to start walking than not doing anything. This physical activity reduces the hazard of illness. Just two hours per week can make your life better.