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Choosing the right kind of hair oil becomes confusing most of the time. Your hair is the most flexible part of your body. You can roll it, you can curl it, you can straighten it, you can color it, you can highlight it. Multiple things can be done to magnify your beauty. Strong hair is a sign of good well-being but if it is not taken care of then it can become vulnerable and it might conclude with hair loss. A weaker hair is a sign of some of the deficiencies in your body or some wrong lifestyle management. 

How do we know that your hair is getting affected?

Look at the following signs. 

  • If you see a lot of hair in your bathroom after bathing.
  • Your comb is filled with broken strands.
  • Your hair is thinning.
  • There are visible scalp patches.

Certain natural remedies can be implemented to cure this state of your hair.

1- Oiling– Oiling with a good blend of carrier oil and essential oil as per the quality of your hair cures the damage caused.

2- Consume sufficient fruits and vegetables.

3- Massage your scalp regularly. Massaging increases blood circulation and opens up blockages.

4- Yog asanas – Can do asanas like Sarwang asana, Sarwapadasana.

5- Always be happy.

Avoid these

  • Using hairdryers too much
  • Avoid using hot water on your scalp particularly.
  • Using a straightener for your hair.
  • Brushing your hair too much.
  • Applying shampoo every day.
  • Using a thick towel to dry your wet hair after shampooing.
  • Take stresses.

Oiling is the best remedy to implement for reversing damaged hair. To get more benefits from oils a blend of carrier oil and essential oil will do wonders. Essential oils are different from carrier oil.  Let us know a bit regarding essential oil and carrier oil. 

The difference between essential hair oil and carrier oil?

What are essential oils?

Essential oil is concentrated, volatile, and non-oily at all. These oils were given these names strictly because they do not blend with water or other polar substances. They are natural oils and are made by the steam distillation process. It takes the fragrance of the plant and heals all hair-related problems and helps hair growth. Essential oil is made from various components of tree-like its bark, seeds, flower, roots, wood, etc. These oils are very effective. They are anti-inflammatory, promote hair growth, and improves blood circulation in the scalp. If you choose the right carrier oil for your blend it can speed up the benefits of your essential oils. 

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils are made from seeds and they offer some therapeutic benefits. Carrier oils are fatty-based fixed oils that do not evaporate and are non-volatile. Everything from coconut oil to almond oil to olive oil can be used as a carrier oil. You can use a carrier oil to dilute your essential oils. Once you dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil, you can apply that mixture directly to your skin.

Why you should choose carrier oils?

We should choose carrier oils to dilute essential oils before you apply them.
The properties of the two oils are infused in the blend prepared by combining the two oils.

The name of some essential hair oils are as follows.

1- Lavender oil (Anveya Bulgarian Lavender Essential oil)

 Speed up hair growth

2- Ylang Ylang (All Naturals Ylang Ylang Essential oil)

Ideal for dry scalps.

3- Peppermint oil (Anveya Peppermint oil)

Promotes hair growth

4- Thyme (Thyme Essential oil)

Prevents hair loss

5- Horsetail oil (Juicy Chemistry Chilli Horsetail oil)

It contains Silica which improves hair growth

6- Rosemary oil (Aromatique Rosemary Essential OIl)

Improves hair thickness.

7- Clary sage (Clary Sage Essential oil)

Increases hair growth

8- Cedarwood oil (Cedarwood essential oil)

Balances oil-producing gland in the scalp

9- Tea tree oil (Tea tree essential oil)

Known for its antibacterial and anti-microbial properties.

10- Jojoba oil (Jojoba essential oil)

Rich in vitamins and minerals

11- Bergamot oil (Bergamot Essential oil)

Its antioxidants give shiny hair 

12- Chamomile oil (Chamomile Essential oil)

Helps to condition the hair

13- Lemon oil (Lemon Essential oil)

Maintains a healthy scalp

14- Thyme oil (Thyme Essential  oil)

Beneficial in treating Alopecia

15-Lavender oil (Lavender Essential  oil)

Stimulating hair growth

How to use Essential oils for hair growth?

Mix two to three drops of essential oil into a carrier oil. It is important to dilute them. Massage your scalp in clockwise and anticlockwise direction using fingertips. You can leave the oil overnight.

Names of some carrier oils are as follows 

1- Shea oil ( Shea carrier oil)

It moistens hair.

2- Olive oil (Figaro Olive carrier oil)

Treats dandruff, gives hair strong.

3- Neem seed oil ( Morpheme Neem seed oil)

It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial characteristics. Manages itchy scalp.

4- castor oil (castor carrier oil)

Thickens hair.

5- Flaxseed oil (Carbamide Flaxseed oil)

Contains fatty acid. It promotes healthy hair.

6- Jojoba oil (Urbanbotanic Jojoba oil)

moisturizes hair.

7- Amla oil (Dabur Amla oil)

Increases hair growth.

8- Argan oil (wow skin science Argan oil)

Makes hair shiny.

9- Avocado oil (Avocado carrier oil)

Promotes collagen.

10- Coconut oil (Parachute coconut oil )

Infuses shine

11-Pumpkin seed oil (All naturals Pumpkin seed oil)

Stimulates hair growth

12- Moringa oil (Vedaone Moringa oil)

Works wonders on colored hair.

13- Grapeseed oil (Aromatique Grapeseed oil)

Gives shine.

How to pick the right carrier oils for your skin?

Choose the correct carrier oils as per the skin type.

Oily scalp, you can use Apricot oil

Dry skin almond, jojoba, hazelnut, avocado, sunflower oil

Aging skin argan, camellia seeds, sunflower oil

All types of skin coconut oil is the best.

Can you use carrier oil on your hair?

You can use carrier oils on your hair depending on your hair type. Blend it with essential oil. 

For dry hair -coconut oil is great for repairing dry and damaged hair.

For oily hair jojoba carrier oil is great

What carrier oil is best for hair growth?

Coconut oil (Sri Sri Coconut oil) has vitamins and fatty acid which eliminates the build-up of sebum from the hair follicles which makes your hair grow healthier, longer, and thicker. 

How do you apply carrier oil to your hair?

Mix few drops of essential oil with two to three tablespoons of carrier oil of your choice and massage gently onto the scalp with your fingers in a circle. Leave it overnight.

You can make DIY blends at home according to your hair problem. I have provided the associate links to the oils. Use them to experience the magical outcome of these beneficial oils your crowning glory.


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