Hyaluronic Acid: A Boon To Modern Cosmetics

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid alias HA is not an acid. It is a kind of sugar named Glycosaminoglycan. If you want to say goodbye to dull, dehydrated, and flaky skin then this awesome ingredient is the solution. 

HA binds water molecules, resulting in hydrated, healthy skin. You will find this most loved skin-friendly ingredient in many beauty products like moisturizers, serums, toners, face washes, etc.

This super component concentrates on hydrating the stratum corneum, the epidermis, and the top layers of the skin that are inclined to dryness due to environmental matters.

HA can be termed a body lubricant. It not only hydrates and smoothens the skin and reduces wrinkles, but it provides nourishment and gives supple, satiny skin. 

This powerful ingredient naturally lives in the skin. As we age this component degrades hence reducing skin elasticity. An external application reduces visible signs of aging

Here we are going to discuss some points related to this potent ingredient.

What is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is sugar in which many collagen and elastin fibers are present. They maintain our skin’s tightness, firmness, and elasticity. 

You all must have heard of collagen. Collagen and elastin are fibers that are present everywhere in our skin and they are made of proteins. The medium in which collagen and elastin are present such medium is called Hyaluronic acid. 

How does Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin so effectively?

HA has got the property that each molecule is capable of absorbing water 1000x of its size. The water-absorbing nature of this ingredient effectively takes care of the hydration of the skin.

What happens when you apply Hyaluronic acid?

Whenever you apply HA on your face, your skin will be moisturized, hydrated, and supple and it will reduce fine lines and wrinkles that have come up due to dryness and increasing age. 

What are the types of Hyaluronic acid available in the market?

If we think that, there is only one way (application) to incorporate HA in our skincare routine then the answer will be no. There are a couple of types of Hyaluronic acid available in the market. 

1- Can be used topically.

2- Edible Hyaluronic acid capsules and collagen shots.

3- HA injections.

How to choose the best Hyaluronic acid?

There is a salt of Hyaluronic acid called Sodium Hyaluronate. Look for this name in the ingredient list of the product which can be used for topical application on the face.

What is this salt sodium hyaluronate?

HA gets its hydrating properties from this salt which has a very low molecular weight and hence it penetrates easily. Sodium hyaluronate goes deep within the skin. If applied topically this salt is excellent in diminishing fine lines, dryness, etc.

What are molecular weights?

Hyaluronic acid comes in various molecular weights. The higher the weight of Hyaluronic acid the lesser it will penetrate the skin. The lesser the molecular weight, it will go within the skin easily. 

Penetration of Hyaluronic acid is essential because it can shower its benefits only after it gets inserted in the skin. It does not mean that HA with lesser molecular weight is always good for the skin. If serums are combined with Hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, then the penetration and benefits will be of different levels.

How much percentage do we have to buy? 

There is a variety of Hyaluronic acids available in the market 2%, 4%, etc. If the salt is strong, it will take more moisture from the skin, rather than giving hydration to the skin. 

1-2% of Hyaluronic acid is sufficient for the skin. Always remember if the number of HA increases it will extract more moisture from your skin.

What is the right way to apply Hyaluronic acid? 

HA is a humectant. The humectant is a substance that when applied to the skin will extract water from the inner layers of the skin and would also absorb the water from the atmosphere into the skin. 

Method to follow while applying Hyaluronic acid? 

The skin should be a bit wet and damp while applying HA. This is because if you apply it on damp skin it will absorb the water present on the skin itself. This way this ingredient will keep the skin hydrated

After the application apply moisturizer to seal the HA. It will prevent HA from evaporating along with the moisture of the skin. Hyaluronic acid absorbs the water present in the moisturizer and hence will deliver the maximum benefit to the skin.

How effective is HA in a dry environment?

If you are living in a dry environment or a less humid place then HA will not be that effective. Due to dry weather moisture will evaporate from your skin along with Hyaluronic acid so the skin will not get the maximum benefit from this important component.

What to do to overcome this problem?

The different ways to overcome this problem are-

1- If the atmosphere is dry then it is essential to humidify the environment. Apply an occlusive moisturizer after the application of HA. 

Occlusive moisturizers are paraffin-based moisturizers. for dry skin. They do not let the moisture evaporate and occlude the complete skin.

2- Keep a bowl of water in the room or can use a humidifier so that the humidity of the room is maintained.

Can people with oily skin use HA? 

This is a misconception that people with oily skin cannot use HA.

HA hydrates the skin, it does not make the skin oily.

Oily skin people should apply non-greasy moisturizer. Silicone-based moisturizers are best for them.

These moisturizers create a layer on top of the skin and do not evaporate. They are non-sticky and provide a powdery matte finish. Dimethicone-based products are good for oily skin.

Hyaluronic acid in edible forms

There are a couple of famous brands available that have collagen, HA, Biotin, calcium, and Vitamin C. They are supportive of all minerals and vitamins. These supplements give maximum benefits to the skin and hair. Collagen shots, astaxanthin, zinc or vitamin c, omega 3, etc are some examples. 

Injectable Hyaluronic acid

HA’s are available in the form of injections as well. These injections are the best options for people who want quick results and have dehydrated and saggy skin.

Hyaluronic acid comes in Non-cross linked HA and cross-linked HA. Non-cross-linked HA is better for skin hydration. This not only hydrates the skin but improves its texture and quality. 

Cross-linked HA not only hydrates the skin but also takes care of sagging skin and volume loss of the skin.


Those were some data about this magical ingredient. Using Hyaluronic Acid certainly transforms the quality of the skin and makes it ravishing.

Always consult a professional for a medical verdict. The above data is good to know information. 

Keep posting your inputs, experience, and opinion in the comments section.


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