Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit

Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit

Everywhere there are praises of Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit. What makes it so special? The answer is Onions. Yes, the kit is enriched with the benefits of onions. 

We are all cognizant of the goodness of onions for our locks. We are constantly on the hunt for something immeasurable which can be easy to use, do miracles for the hair, and is equally beneficial for the tresses. Besides our quest for a chemical-free product continues.

Few people may bypass applying onion juice to their crowning glory due to its powerful odor. To avoid that mess several hair regimens comprising onion are available in the market. 

One such magnanimous product available in stores is Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit with onion hair oil.  

The packaging of this onion oil is in a very elegant, environmentally friendly, classic white and green bottle that connects to the lovely natural magnetism of the universe. It soothes the eyes and takes you closer to mother nature. 

Does Mama Earth’s anti-hair fall oil ensure nourishing and protect hair with natural oils?

The stock is loaded with multiple oils like Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Amla Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Hibiscus Oil, Onion Seed Oil, Onion Extract, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E, Brahmi Oil, onion seed oil. 

There is another ingredient included in Mama Earth’s anti-hair fall oil. that makes it unique is Redensyl. 

It is mentioned that “A breakthrough ingredient against hair fall – Redensyl can significantly boost hair density, thickness, fullness, and overall strength”. What is the catch-all about?

The latest discovery against hair loss in the hair care industry is Redensyl. Hair loss starts and baldness happens when the disbalance occurs among the growing and falling locks. 

Normally the cycle of growing and falling hairs is 110,000 hairs. The most commonly prescribed serums for balancing this pattern are Redensyl and Minoxidil.

Redensyl is a natural tested compound that helps with promoting cell reconstruction of follicles and also encourages hair increase comparatively better than Minoxidil.

 A clinical testing report says that noticeable effects of more hair were detected after only 84 days with those using Redensyl.

How Redensyl works on the scalp?

It stops the destruction of your hair follicles, Excites tresses to penetrate the hair germination stage and works on stem cells.

Another ingredient in Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit is Plant Keratin.

We know that plant keratin is an extremely shielding protein that gives hair natural sleekness, sustains moisture stability, and is made up of 18 amino acids. Cuticle, of the crowning glory, absorbs the keratin and makes them look crimped-free, lustrous easier to manage. 

It is recommended to utilize Mamaearth anti-hair fall oil to believe in the commitments offered by the company like “Boosts hair growth, strengthens hair, balances scalp, safe for chemically treated hair, natural & toxin-free.

Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Spa Kit with onion hair oil is free from sulfates, paraben, SLS, mineral oil, petroleum, colors, and synthetic fragrance and is made from all-natural ingredients.

 It restores hair from the inside by implementing a guarding layer and is rich in Vitamin D. Several oils render tresses linked tension-free results and makes hair wholesome and more stimulating.

I have utilized this oil and observed that the company has kept its commitment and has delivered an effective oil, rendering all the nutrition needed by our locks. It delivers a wonderful fragrance that lasts long. I will certainly give a 4 out of 5 to Mamaearth anti-hair fall oil.

Here are a few FAQs

Is Mamaearth onion oil good?

Answer- Mamaearth onion oil is not just good but is excellent. It gives all the nourishment required to the hair

It improves its health day by day. Multiple oils nurture locks making them healthy and wholesome.

Can I use Mamaearth onion oil daily?

Answer- It is a chemical-free mild oil that can be used daily and can be kept overnight or for a few hours.

But moreover using the oil twice a week is good to go practice. Over-oiling hampers the follicles.

Does Mamaearth onion oil regrow hair?

Answer -Onions present in the oil increases blood circulation and heal alopecia and balding by regrowth of new tresses. The sulfur present in onions does the magic.

Mamaearth is supporting the tradition of Ayurveda of utilizing onions for the advantages of hair.

Are there any side effects of Mamaearth onion hair oil?

Answer – No, Mamaearth onion hair oil does not have any side effects because it is natural and chemical-free. However, people allergic to onions should not go for it.

 A patch test is always recommended before using any product. Apply a little bit of the oil on your skin and leave it overnight. If there are no rashes or any side effects on the skin then start to use the oil without any worries.

Can we warm Mamaearth oil?

Answer – The primary method of warming the oil before applying can be followed.

Not just Mamaearth oil, but any oil should be warmed a minute before the application.

Is Mamaearth products safe?

Answer – Mamaearth is nature friendly, toxin-free, essential product intensified with a touch of purity. 

It is a result-oriented brand, safe and natural It is also effective on chemically treated locks and is very mild with a pleasing aroma.

Are Mamaearth products good?

Answer – Mamaearth products are reliable, safe, marvelous, and harmless.

It is loaded with a richness of oils like Sunflower, Jojoba, Almond, Amla, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Onion Seed, Onion Extract, Olive, Castor, Sesame, Brahmi, etc. 

How many times use MamaEarth hair oil in a week?

Answer – The hair oil is considerably mild so preferably can be applied two to three times a week. 

You can leave it overnight or for a few hrs after the application.

Is MamaEarth onion hair oil good for kids?

Answer – Not recommended to be used on the baby’s skin.

Cannot take a chance on the tender skin of a child.

Does MamaEarth have side effects?

Answer – The products are clinically tested, efficient, and have zero side effects.

But still, advise doing a patch test before use.

Is Mamaearth made in India?

Answer – It’s an Indian label brand based in Gurugram, Haryana. 

Varun and Ghazal Alagh established this company producing non-toxic, chemical-free products in 2016.

Is Mamaearth Ayurvedic?

Answer- Mamaearth anti-hair fall oil comprises legendary herbs and multiple oils. It follows the pathway of the Ayurvedic formula.

It certainly has the richness and goodness of Ayurveda.

Here was a small review associated with a result-oriented product whose quality talks louder than words. You should analyze it to experience the privileges of the herbs and oils present in this awesome product.


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