Under-Eye Dark Circles or Periorbital Hyper Melanosis

under-eye dark circles

Does an outburst of under-eye dark circles bother you? Sometimes a visible dark patch covering your eyes fade your appearance. No matter how acclaiming your facial skin is, the dark shade circulating your eyes makes you look unhealthy.

Recognizing this concern for rectification

A precise understanding of this problem will assist in correcting it. 

What are dark circles?

Whenever there is excess pigment or hyperpigmentation nearby the eyes, it is called a dark circle. In simple words, it is called an under-eye-dark circle. As compared to other facial skin, they are enormously darker. Usually, both lids, upper and lower lid, become pigmented.

The medical term of under-eye-dark circles is periorbital hyper melanosis.

Why does hyperpigmentation happen?

Hyperpigmentation around the eyes happens whenever there is melanocyte excess, activity. This appears especially encompassing the eyes.

Patients with primary adrenal insufficiency suffer from hyperpigmentation. In this ailment the, adrenal glands

do not generate sufficient hormones, leading to the production of cortisol in excess, resulting in hyper- pigmentation.

What is MSH?

MSN is a melanocyte-stimulating hormone. The principal function of melanocytes is to create melanin. The appearance of the melanin is black.

Melanocyte excess indicates boosting hormone formulation of melanin. In other words, melanocyte is overactive. Constant exposure to the sun can generate hyper-pigmentation. 

The deficiency of basic adrenal creates unusual skin tanning encompassing the eyes. Less production of melanin may appear in highly fair-skinned people.

The function of melanogenesis is to preserve the hypodermis from the harm of UV rays. Melanin consumes the bulk of the harmful rays and obstructs them from moving into the epidermis. 

How to retain the wellness of melanocytes? 

Consuming Vitamin C-rich food keeps melanocytes healthy. Vitamin C heightens melanin production. This optimization maintains the fitness of melanocytes.

Eat citrus foods. Intake of supplements can be beneficial.

Insufficiency of which nutrient creates dark circles?

Iron deficiency formulates this problem. The symptoms that indicate this deficiency includes weakness, lethargy, and fatigue. Dizziness happens because the body tissues do not get a sufficient amount of oxygen. Due to a lack of oxygen supply, the skin looks dull. On this pale skin, dark circles are prominent.

What are the other causes of dark circles?

There are various reasons for this issue besides underlying illness. 

The most important ones are – 

  • It is genetic. It exists in the family history of hyperpigmentation.
  • Nutritional deficiency leads to periorbital pigmentation.
  • Lack of sleep and exhaustion.
  • Smoking cigarettes.
  • Strain in your eyes. Too much exposure to computer or mobiles screens (blue light) especially under dim light ambiance.
  • Extreme exposure to the sun.
  • It can be due to allergies or hypersensitivities.
  • Sometimes eye rubbing intensifies this problem.
  • For some people, dark circles are a sign of aging.
  • Late-night sleep aggravates darkness near the eyes.
Why can a strain in your eyes give birth to under-eye dark circles?

Long hours of exposure in front of laptops, phones, computers or, ipads leads to strain. Late-night viewing of the screens, especially in a dark room, generates eye strain.

Whenever strain increases, the venus enlargement or blood supply around the eyes raises. It starts with weakness or fatigue and later leads towards pigmentation nearby the eyes.

What are the treatments available to rectify this issue?

Treatments can be of two types

  1. Home remedies
  2. Medical remedy.
Can this problem be solved permanently?

There is no permanent solution, but a change of lifestyle can treat dark circles. Several ways and methods are there to diminish the occurrence.

What are the different procedures and solutions that can assist in reducing the dark circles?

Many home remedies improve and lighten under-eye dark circles. These remedies can diminish the occurrence of periorbital hyper melanosis.

Home remedies to treat dark circles

Get ample amount of nap.

Lack of sleep provokes dark circles. Sleep well. Sufficient sleep and good rest amend the difficulty.

Use a cold compress.

The blood vessels in the skin throughout the eyes are subdued, with cold temperatures. This shrinkage diminishes many eye-related issues like swelling, redness, infection, dark circles, etc.

Place a damp and squeezed towel on your eyes. You can moisten the towel by dipping it in cold water. Or else you can keep it in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes. Use it on and off.

Shield yourself from exposure to the sun 

Guarding the skin against the sun lessens dark circles. UV rays are harmful to the skin and, over-exposure worsens the situation. Apply sunscreen lotions or moisturizers with sunscreens before going out in day time. Wear a hat. Do not leave without your sunglasses.

Use natural healer – Cucumber

The cucumber is a companion to the skin. It can fix any skin-related concern. After its application, a granted effect is achieved. You can give a cold compress with cucumber. Keep them in the freeze to get the cold temperature effect from it and place the sliced pieces onto the eyes. Place them for at least ten minutes.

The cold texture of it improves inflammation due to oversleeping and sensitivities. Attempt this technique twice every day. 

Teabags – the caffeine wonder

Teabags can be replaced with cucumber. In case of the unavailability of cucumber, tea bags can be used as a substitute.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities relieve stressed capillaries.

The caffeine in tea compresses blood vessels and promotes blood flow around the eyes making them look fresh. Moreover, it helps to diminish the dark appearances of the skin.

Vitamin A and C utilization

Vitamin A and C eliminate dark circles. Orange juice can be applied to get the advantages of both vitamins. Combine a dash of glycerine with the orange juice. Dip cotton pads. Place moist cotton pads on your eyes and relax.

Heighten your pillow

Adding an extra pillow beneath the head decreases puffiness.

This method will exempt the swelling through fluid accumulation beneath the eyes. 

Next time when you sleep, try extra pillows under your head to lessen the puffiness of fluid pooling in your lower eyelids.

Vitamin K

As per studies, lessening dark circles increases with Vitamin K. Alike caffeine, Vitamin K repairs the affected area more efficiently. 

The application (in an eye pad) should have at least one percent of this vitamin to fix the problem. 


Rosewater relaxes and restores tired skin. It repairs skin-related concerns and decreases skin tan. The aroma is divine.

The cooling temperament of cucumber and rosewater reconstructs dark circles. Dip a cotton or make-up pad in rosewater and place it on your eyes. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Use it twice daily.

Apply vitamin A-derived creams or retinoid creams

Retinoid creams enhance collagen production. These creams are available at beauty shops. 

They minimize melanin elements. Henceforth the presence of dark circles reduces. It does not apply to all skin types. Speak to medical experts before using this cream.

Cold Milk 

Cold milk application is a vitamin A remedy and contains retinoids.

It refreshes the face and makes it look glowing, fresh, and young.

Place milk-soaked cotton pad or ball on both eyes. Let it stay for fifteen minutes. Remove and wash it off with warm water. 

Tomatoes and Lemon juice

Tomatoes have lycopene in abundance. Lycopene diminishes the presence of dark circles and generates agile and softer skin.

Prepare a concoction of tomato juice and lemon juice. The proportion should be 1:1. 

Soak cotton into this juice. Apply it around the eyes for fifteen minutes. Clean it with warm water. Do it twice daily.

Coconut oil/Vitamin E oil

Besides moisturizing this oil, lighten under-eye dark circles. Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and has the potential of counteracting wrinkles. Vitamin E oil fights against aging and lightens skin tone.

Massage under-eye skin with a drop of any of the oil and leave it overnight.

Medical treatment for dark circle

If the underlying cause of dark circles persists after the execution of some home remedies, then a specialist may help. Only in severe cases consider these alternative methods.

Some invasive methods executed by dermatologists or health professionals include

  • Laser therapy
  • Fillers
  • Surgery
  • Chemical peels
  • Skin brighteners – Serums or Gel (Over-the-counter)
  • Fat transfer

The bottom line

Under-eye dark circles are common and are harmless. They go with lifestyle changes and home remedies. 

Extreme dark circles may reduce an individual’s self-esteem. Try remedies like a cold compress, cucumber slices, Vitamin E oil massage, etc.

If still the problem continues then take experts opinion.


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