Vedix customized ayurvedic hair care regimen-A Review

Vedix customized ayurvedic hair care regimen

How should we look at it?

Can we call Vedix customized Ayurvedic hair care regimen the only answer to various hair-related problems? The most common questions asked are related to hair fall, premature greying, dandruff, damaged hair, etc. 

There are varied solutions and references for the before-mentioned problems. Is a single remedy or individual product suitable for all? The answer is – No. 

Why Vedix?

Vedix customized ayurvedic hair care is not a revelation to craftsmen but will prevent arrest hair reduction because it is a customized product and takes care of customers’ needs. Do not expect a miraculous wonder from it although a preventive measure for hair-related problems. I will say give it a try. After using all three – Anti-Hair Fall Serum, Anti-Hair Fall Oil, and Hair Growth Shampoo you will move towards getting your dream hair. If a few months application will give you a hassle-free crowning glory then why not vedix.

A qualified answer

It is necessary to realize that each body type is distinct and we live in varying environmental conditions. Based on our physical and mental health, the kind of weather conditions we are living in, and also our lifestyles. 

Some of the solutions might work for some and might not work for others. For critical hair concerns, a tailor-made resolution is needed based on the fitness and hair problems. 

A strong foundation of Ayurveda is necessitated where the emphasis is focused on the doshas of an individual. Each individual is unique so are their health problems. The treatment should be as per the doshas (imbalances).


Following a plethora of commodities on the internet with glorifying promises my confusion deepened. Then my attention was sought by a unique brand that has gained, quite a reputation for offering a customized solution based on one’s skin and hair concerns. And I zeroed my search on the brand named Vedix products.

Discoveries about Vedix Ayurvedic hair care regimen

 On the web, I found a surplus of customer satisfaction stories related to Vedix customized ayurvedic hair care regimen. The company follows the methodology of the doshas from Ayurveda.

The Dosha Assessment Questionnaire is said to be doctor-affirmed. This process of creating a dosha profile by the company is very appealing and on the other hand, it is equally appealing for the buyer.


A hair analysis is done in the form of a questionnaire based on simple questions related to your body, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, hair, food habits, etc. This assists to evaluate the dosha portrait of the customer. 

The consumer also gets to recognize their doshas which may benefit them in developing a lifestyle in the future.

The periodic hair care regimen box is customized based on the customer’s preference of the subscription and according to their selection, the vedix customized ayurvedic hair care regimen. 

Note: Vedix hair care product, contains 14+ herbs and powerful ingredients like amalaki, bhingraj etc., multiple oils along with coconut oil as a base. So whoever uses coconut oil as a hair nourishing element can stop that after starting to use Vedix products.

What’s in the Vedix hair care regimen box?

The box contains three items Vedix customized anti-hair fall oil, Vedix hair growth serum, and Vedix anti-hair fall shampoo.

1-Vedix customized anti-hair fall oil

They say – This customized hair oil is not only doctor-approved but made from 100% natural ingredients and also certified by Ayush. There are precise herbs as per the doshas to relieve your eminent Doshas. The oils manage the method of greasing the hair follicles so that it moisturizes the scalp and encourage hair growth.

Vedix hair oil ingredients

They are formed with 14+ Ayurvedic herbs and have powerful ingredients like Bhringraj Saireyaka, Daruharidra, Karanja, and Amlaki. Together they fight against dandruff, hair fall, production of bacteria on the scalp and promote rejuvenating hair follicles and roots.

It is a clear and light hair oil and does not stay on the tresses after hair wash. Following an overnight oiling, vedix hair oil does not transmit spots on the cushion and it smells awesome.

2-Vedix hair growth serum

The water-based hair growth serum makes hair feathery and wholesome and promotes hair growth. It works as a protective shield of the scalp and not only nourishes locks but increases its strength.

Vedix hair serum ingredients

They deliver all the functions of a hair serum with added improvements with the help of Grapeseed, Bakuchi, Cedar, Japa, and Gunja. This product guards the locks from environmental attackers. It is a paraben-free premium quality natural product.

3-Vedix anti-hair fall shampoo.

Besides cleaning the impurities of the hair it is non-toxic. It Mildly washes the scalp and makes it dirt-free.

Vedix hair shampoo ingredients

The natural ingredients present in it are – Quinoa, Kumari, Gunga Bhringraj, and Yashtimadhu Individually their functions are as follows Quinoa protein moisturizes, Kumari adds radiance, Gunga battles hair fall, Bhringraj nourishes hair follicles, Yashtimadhu boosts hair growth.


As health and hair issues differ from person to person so does experience may differ. One product may not solve all hair problems for all. Before blowing your hard-earned cash on other products purchase Vedix customized ayurvedic hair care regimen to get those magical tresses.

Some external healing tips for your locks

For any medical problem consultation from a doctor is necessary.
This will help to trigger the exact cause of trouble. Follow clean and healthy habits. Consume supplements prescribed by an expert.

Some internal healing tips for your locks

Include healthy food like curd, almonds, eggs, milk, fruits, etc in your meal. Say no to junk and fried foods. Follow a good yoga session.

Amidst the above-mentioned measures and with it utilize a recognized brand of healthy environmentally friendly natural Ayurvedic products like Vedix hair care products.

Below is the price list of the different products.

Anti-Hair Fall Oil: Price: Rs 699
Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo: Price: Rs 499
Hair Growth Serum: Price: Rs 799
Availability: Online

Some frequently asked questions.

1-Is Vedix oil good for hair?

Answer – This best-seller Vedix oil is a combination of multiple herbs and comprises Ayurvedic ingredients to resolve hair-raised concerns.

2-Can it regrow hair?

Answer – Vedix is just not a product but a customized herbal remedy for your locks follicles. It can regrow tresses.

3- Can we apply Vedix hair oil daily?

Answer – Oiling daily is not suggested. You can utilize Vedix hair oil twice a week.

4- How quickly does it work?

Answer – The result will be reflected on your tresses after 30 days of application of this product. 

5- Do we need to wash hair after applying Vedix serum?

Answer – Washing hair after applying Vedix serum is not required.

6-Does Vedix work?

Answer- Vedix has a powerful framework of Ayurveda. The numerous herbs manifest a concrete solution to troubled locks.

7-How do I order Vedix?

Answer – Go to the Vedix website and attempt the Dosha Assessment Questionnaire. The Vedix Box will be addressed at your address.

8- How long does the delivery take?

Answer- The Vedix Box will take 3-5 working days to arrive at your doorstep.

9- Does it have side effects?

Answer- No there are no side effects.

10-What is Vedix?

Answer – It is a reputed brand producing customized hair care products.

11- How to cancel vedix order?

Answer – They follow a simple hassle-free cancellation procedure. Vedix orders can be eliminated with a 100% refund anytime within 30 days of getting your purchase. The cancelation request is processed within 24-48 hours.
If the cancellation request is placed after the commodity is dispatched then a small refundable amount is adjusted.

Convincing results are guaranteed with one piece of guidance


After applying this commodity you will positively get precise results. Only one bit of advice, give at least 3 months to the hair care regime without fail, and do not expect an instant result. Expect visible magic following patience and sincerity toward your lifestyle.

After applying this commodity you will positively get precise results. Only one piece of advice, give at least 3 months to the hair care regime without fail, and do not expect an instant result. Expect visible magic following patience and sincerity toward your lifestyle.


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