10 hair care best practices for keeping it lustrous

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There are few hair care practices which if followed religiously give an amazing result to your hair. I am giving some pointers for the same.

I have given few associate links for genuine products which you can include while practicing your 10 haircare regime which if implemented religiously gives extraordinary results.

1- The hair care routines during climatic changes

As per the weather conditions, the hair care routines keep changing. Here the hair nurturing steps depend on the type of hair. Hot, sweaty weather demands frequent washes. You can use- Biotique daily purifying shampoo or a mild nourishing shampoo like Anveya Hydrate and nourish shampoo for dry hair. These shampoos can be used throughout the years without any tension as they are mild and can be used daily. Regular usage of these products will give you hassle-free hair.

2- Maintaining the good health of your hair

Follow a simple thumb rule. Have fresh vegetables and fruits and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. As we all know that diet plays a major role in maintaining the good health of your hair.

3- Brush your hair the right way

Follow the right combing technique with a good neem wood comb-like — Kabello handmade neem wood comb to remove the knots and tangles (Avoid using plastic comb). Brushing should be started from the hairline, moving upwards and outwards. This increases blood circulation, which in turn helps to distribute the natural oils right up to the hair ends.

4- Oiling your hair

All types of hair need to be oiled regularly with a good ayurvedic or herbal hair oil like Khadi pure Ayurvedic coconut hair oil, Ustraa Ayurvedic hair oil, Kesh king ayurvedic hair oil, or Keshmax ayurvedic hair oil- to name a few, should be applied for at least once a week with the help of your fingers. This improves blood circulation, strengthens the hair root, conditions the hair, reduces spilled ends, and also combats dandruff and hair — loss.

5- Feed the hair with a proper protein diet

Just like a human body survives on food, so does the hair. Wondering what is a protein-rich diet for your hair? The recipe is here -Mix one tablespoon of amla,shikakai, hibiscus, bringraj, indigo, and amla powder with four tablespoons of henna, curds, and one or two eggs/optional -you can buy organic natural powders from MGH herbals. Apply this mixture from the hair root to the hair ends and leave it for an hour, before washing it off.

6- Oil your hair before shampooing or apply this mixture

It is necessary to oil your crowning glory before shampooing. if you do not prefer oil, then utilize a blend of one cup of curd with one or two eggs optional (or just curd) on the hair and leave it on for half an hour before shampooing it off. If you do this regularly your hair will be healthy and happy.

7- Using a suitable shampoo for your hair care and shampooing the right way

Follow some fundamental rules.

1- Always comb the hair before shampooing.

2-Take a sufficient quantity of shampoo in water.

3- Pour water from a range of about two feet to get bubbles.

4- Bend your neck down and put your hair into the mug to disperse the shampoo over the hair ends.

5- Massage gently into circular movements with fingertips.

6- Wash well with water to ensure that your hair is shampoo-free.

8- What to do after shampooing?

It is required to dry your hair naturally as excess and continual use of a hairdryer causes split ends in the hair.

9- How to end split ends

Regularly trimming your hair ends split ends and gives a healthier look to the hair.

10-Things to avoid

Avoid using excess lotion, gel, mousse, or spray on your hair, as it does more harm than good.

So, I think you have got some idea about how to maintain and keep your hair lustrous, voluminous, and shiny. In my upcoming articles, I will discuss more on this topic. If you stumble upon this article then please post your comments or queries before you leave :). That will be really appreciated.

Healthy Hair Hacks

Besides, the above-mentioned hair care practices there are few hacks. These quick hair hacks will simplify your life and will make your hair healthy and happy.

Use baby powder for greasy hair

There are days when your hair is oily and you are in no mood to wash them. Sometimes due to lack of time, oily hair becomes bothersome.

Don’t worry, on those days sprinkle baby powder all over your locks and spread it evenly with your hands all over. Comb your hair and see the difference. The oil will be absorbed by the powder leaving behind beautiful oil-free tresses.

Use hair serum and leave it overnight 

Yes, this trick works like magic. Add few drops of olive oil to the serum. Apply it all over your crowning glory. Go to sleep. Next morning you will be overjoyed to see extra smooth and frizz-free hair.

Make a loose ponytail before going to sleep 

Believe me, if you have long tresses then this hack will resolve your bedtime issues. Secure your locks to a relaxed ponytail. Get a relaxed hassle-free sleep.

Curl your hair with a straightener 

Have you ever tried to roll your locks with a straightener? Try it and you will make it a habit. The curls will make you happy.

Perform no oil scalp massage daily

Caressing your scalp is a great exercise for the scalp. This practice increases the blood flow on the scalp resulting in the growth of new strands. Massage with your fingertips twice a day and experience the outcome.

Tame baby hair 

Sometimes those little toddler hairs obstruct a neat hairstyle. Not to worry. Apply aloe vera gel on the new tiny locks. After they are firm begin your styling task.

Use a cotton T-Shirt to dry them 

Bypass utilizing thick towels to blot excess water. Use a cotton T-shirt and absorb the excess water from your hair.

Use rice water as a last rinse 

You will be overjoyed after experiencing the wonderful effects of rice water. It guarantees thick, soft, glossy locks. Then why not adhere to it. Utilize rice water as a last rinse and make those lovely tresses astonishing.

The hair hacks are worth a try. Go for it and obtain an indescribable crowning glory. 


If the 10 hair care practice is followed religiously it will give you super results.


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