Curcumin – The Miraculous Magic of Nature


Include turmeric in your diet to get the curcumin magic for the betterment of health and beauty.

What is curcumin?

A radiant yellow-orange-colored chemical produced by plants is called curcumin. This chemical is present in the plants belonging to the Curcuma longa species.

What is the connection between turmeric and curcumin?

Turmeric belongs to the Curcuma longa species. This golden spice is from the ginger family, and its roots provide curcumin.

What is the role of curcumin?

Curcumin increases the health benefits and the nutritional compound of Turmeric This spice was used, as ayurvedic medicine since 2500 B.C. 

What is the drawback of curcumin?

Curcumin extracts are not highly absorbed in the intestinal tract. It has got a low absorption rate and inadequate bioavailability.

Should you take curcumin with turmeric?

Taking curcumin with turmeric does not give complete advantages to health because it has a poor absorption rate. There are ways by which the absorption of curcumin can be increased, get adequate health benefits from it.

What are the ways to improve its rate of absorption?

The body’s absorption of curcumin can be improved by consuming turmeric with good fats for example milk, oil, etc.

What are the other methods to boost the absorption of turmeric?

To receive the health advantages of curcumin there are other methods also. As we know that after its consumption the major part of it is directly absorbed into the lining of the liver and stomach wall. 

The best way to increase the absorption rate is as follows

1- Optimize the bioavailability and solubility by warming it up

The solubility of curcumin increases by 12 times if it is heated. To get the maximum benefit heat it up.

2- Consume turmeric with good fats

Turmeric probably gets soluble in the bloodstream when it is eaten with good fats. This spice is fat-soluble and does not work until it is bound with fats. It is advisable to drink it by mixing it with warm milk.

3- A pinch of pepper will make the difference

Pepper contains a component of piperine. Adding pepper to turmeric increases the absorption of curcumin. Piperine is a drug component that does the work of solubility.

4- Have fruits and vegetables that contain Quercetin with turmeric

Eating food and vegetables that contain Quercetin (which is found mostly in the peel-off and the outer layers ) improves the digestion of curcumin. 

Add Quercetin-loaded food like red and yellow onions, citrus fruits, apples, dark cherries, berries, red grapes, etc. with turmeric. Avoid peeling off apples as Quercetin is present exclusively in its peels.

From which ailments can curcumin (in turmeric) guard our body?

Curcumin has got potential to treat many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, hyperlipidemiadiabetes, etc. It contains blood-thinning, therapeutic, and anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent pain reliever.

This spice has the powerful effect than some prescribed drugs. Some health conditions that can be controlled and managed by turmeric are – 

1- Helps manage diabetes – This herb moderates insulin levels. Consuming this powerful spice can boost glucose control and treat diabetes by increasing the effects of medications.

2- Lowers cholesterol – Manages to control poor health due to high cholesterol and subdues plaque developed in the arteries. It remarkably reduces blood cholesterol levels.

3- Heal skin illnesses – Turmeric treats skin ailments by speeding up injury recovery and soothing the pores. Curcumin helps control psoriasis outbursts. 

4- Cures Gastrointestinal Illnesses – Curcumin can treat problems like incendiary bowel disorder, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

5- Controls weight – Consumption of turmeric tea encourages fat loss. It enables the soothing of the low-grade obesity-associated inflammation.

6- Gives relief to rheumatoid and osteoarthritis – Regular intake of turmeric helps in reducing joint pains and inflammations. 

7- Treats depression – Curcumin has given benefits to people with depression. It has shown promising results in the treatment of depression.

8- Could assist control the beginning of Alzheimer’s – Curcumin removes amyloid plaques, which is considered to be the main factor in the development of Alzheimer’s.

9- May stop the growth of cancer cells – This powerful spice influences the growth of cancer cells at a molecular stage.

10- Boosts Antioxidants in the Body –  An antioxidant is a substance that safeguards cells from the injury generated by free radicals. They are categorized into three groups primary, secondary and tertiary antioxidants. 

Boosting antioxidants means decreasing the danger of many diseases. Lutein, lycopene, and selenium are some antioxidants.

Pros and cons of curcumin

We now know the many benefits of consuming curcumin and what should be done for its absorption. Now the question arises what is the downside of this spice. 


Though there are no serious side effects if the intake is not too much. Consuming high doses of curcumin can increases the risk of ulcers and can also cause nausea, skin irritation, stomach upset, dizziness, and diarrhea. It may also interrupt specific medical and health ailments.

Taking small doses is safe but if the intake is long-term or the doses are high then consultation with a medical specialist is required.

Who should not consume curcumin?

Curcumin holds numerous dynamic alkaloids. Therefore, individuals with some of these diseases or health conditions should bypass it or utilize it with carefulness.

1- Gallbladder problems – It boosts bile secretion and can aggravate gallbladder problems.

2- Diabetes – The dosage is important for people suffering from diabetes because curcumin can exceedingly reduce blood sugar levels if it is a high dose. 

3- Stomach problems – Curcumin can deteriorate gastroesophageal reflux disorder. So again consultation from an expert is required before its intake.

4 – Iron deficiency – High amounts may hamper iron absorption.

 5- Surgery – The chance of bleeding pre, during, and post-surgery increases. 

6- Pregnancy – During pregnancy turmeric should be avoided.

Ways to include this spice daily

This powerful spice can be consumed in two ways 

1- Drink it

The healthiest way to consume turmeric is in a liquid shot. Besides preparing turmeric milk and turmeric tea this spice can be combined with smoothies, soups, or drinks. 

2- Eat it

Add it with greens or with scrambled eggs. Can combine it with simple rice. Spread it into toasted, scorched, or sauteed vegetables like potato, cauliflower, etc. This way it will add mild flavor and color to the rice.

Is there a single recipe that is loaded with taste and healing properties?

The answer to the above question is yes. The way out in which one can get all the goodness of taste and nutrition is by preparing Turmeric Bone Broth or Vegetable Broth.

Why is Turmeric bone broth a tasty and therapeutic recipe?

Turmeric bone broth or Vegetable Broth will promote the development of collagen. It fights infections like flu, cough, and cold. It takes care of the nails, hair, and skin. Decreases inflammation and discomfort. Amplifies the immune system. Restores and repairs damaged joints. It is useful for healing digestive and gut-related issues. 

How to prepare this super useful bone and vegetable broth?

Preparing these detox green vegetable and bone broth is super easy. These broths are infused with the goodness of Turmeric and ginger. 

The recipe for detox vegetable broth

Vegetables – Half Cabbage, One bunch of parsley, One leek, Three celery stalks, One large onion, One-inch piece of ginger, Four cloves of garlic -halved, (All the vegetables should be finely chopped and should not be peeled).

  • One tbsp – ground turmeric
  • Half teaspoon – of ground black pepper
  • Half inch – cinnamon stick
  • Salt to taste
  • One gallon water

Combine all the chopped vegetables, seasonings, and water into a big pot. Cover the lid and cook it on a low flame for about 60 minutes. Strain the stock and can use the discarded vegetables for other food items or a side dish. Consume this stock warm or cold either as a soup or can be used as a soup base. This vegetable broth stays for a week if kept in an air-tight container for a week.

The recipe for detox bone broth

The difference between Turmeric (aka Haldi) green vegetable broth and bone broth is – adding meat.

Follow the above recipe. Put chicken stock (Tinned or homemade) into the soup base. Your turmeric detox bone broth is ready.


This important bioactive substance present in Turmeric has acquired worldwide awareness for its numerous health usefulness. A fairly low amount can deliver health benefits for individuals.

Disclaimer: This write-up contains content for general information only. Always consult a specialist if the need arises. There is no alternative to an opinion from a qualified doctor.


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