5 steps to stop hair loss and how to avoid it

hair loss

Hair loss is a big barrier to the growth of your beautiful tiara. As we all are familiar with, locks are the crowning glory on our heads and everyone wants to know how to keep it lustrous forever.

Before we proceed to know the reasons for hair loss it’s important to know the difference between normal hair loss and hair fall which needs to be seen by a dermatologist.

As we are all aware of the fact that everybody loses hair around 50 to 100 strands per day, but if it is more than that then it is considered to be taken care of.

Before proceeding to the remedies for the hitch we require to recognize the grounds of hair fall.

Causes of hair loss

Let us understand the common causes of hair loss.

There are two types of hair loss.

1- Acute hair loss– this generally happens following viral fever, post-Dengue, after delivery or surgery, or maybe post-exams.

2- Chronic hair loss- This is when hair fall goes on for months. This state can be due to diseases like thyroid or diabetes.

Once you know the cause it becomes easier to treat.

Unusual feminine dilemma
Loss of tresses in women develops a typical pattern that demands a proper cure.

Which age group of ladies experiences more female pattern hair loss?
Particularly in ladies, extreme hair loss can land up to female pattern baldness. It is not that
this baldness happens after 50 years. Nowadays, it starts from the start of puberty to 30 years
or towards a later age group.

When a doctor consultation is required?
All of a sudden if you have noticed that hair fall has almost doubled then that is unnatural.
If hair fall is occurring for over six months you need to be concerned. If there is visible diffuse baldness on the scalp it’s an alarming situation. Do not take it casually. If any of the above noticeable hair related problem occurs then an immediate doctor consultation is required.

Do not run behind advertisements, otherwise, you will be heading towards irreversible damage.
Stages and remedies of preliminary stages hair fall
Iron Deficiency – Due to Iron deficiency the Hemoglobin, Ferritin, and D 3 levels will be
Remedy – Start consuming a plentiful amount of Iron and D3 

Remedy – consult a gynecologist and resolve hormonal disbalance.

Obesity -Sudden weight gain.
Remedy – Include exercise in your daily routine.

Remedy – A precise evaluation is needed.

After the underline cause is corrected and still hair-fall resumes then what should be

If corrective measures are taken and still hair fall continues then this is called the next level
of hair fall

What should be done?
You need to be aggressive with the hair-targeted treatment.
Local application serums like Minoxidil serum, Peptide serums can help. In some cases, doctors prescribe tablets to improve the condition.

Is there any other level after that?
Yes, if the dilemma proceeds then PRP with Dermaroller is done.
I have presented the different stages of hair fall. However, if some simple home treatments
are followed then the matter can be fixed

Home Remedies

Some home remedies are there to manage this condition.

1- Eating right — Take a high protein diet for example egg, millet, curd, meat, etc. and eat lots of green leafy vegetables.

2- Include Iron and dates in your diet — consuming dates will amplify blood flow into your scalp.

3- Regular exercise

4- Cut down on smoking and junk foods.

5- Use good hair oil and good shampoo.

Corrective measures for hair loss

There are many ways that you can pursue at home. Besides making hair packs, hair masks, oil, and shampoos can be made at home which can be of great help. I know that it is not easy to take out time to prepare these items at home in this busy way of life. Don’t be disheartened as I know of some really good Ayurveda products like Sesa anti-hair fall oil and shampoo with Bhringraj. This product overjoys its buyers and works like magic on the hair. It not only blocks hair fall but also makes locks lustrous and tangle-free.

To treat both Acute hair loss and Chronic hair loss there is a wonderful product named Indulekha Bringha oil and shampoo. It made my friend’s hairs bounce back to what it was earlier and the regrowth of new hair overjoyed her.

Self Assessment

I had faced the same problem I was losing hair more than 50 to 100 strands per day However there was one product that saved me from going to the dermatologist and that product was Vedix anti-hair fall shampoo and oil. As it helped me I believe it will be of great help to my readers.

These products are free from synthetic dyes, and synthetic perfumes and are filled with the goodness of Mother Nature and above all the inventor of these magical goods has taken care of the fact that this merchandise gives miraculous results that have no side effects.

They are clinically proven to reduce hair fall and grows hair in four months. It is proven on both male and female consumers having mild to drastic hair fall. Its medicinal properties revive and rejuvenate hair.

Hair well-being is completely dependent on your physical health.

If the home remedies are applied then you certainly will get back your glistening hair back.

Some questions answered below

How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?
Answer – First you have to know your hair fall type. Accordingly, you need to take measures at home like eating right, including iron and dates in your diet, regular exercise, cut down on smoking and junk foods, use good hair oil and good shampoo.

I have provided 10 DIY Shampoos. You can check the recipes and make them at home. You
will find noticeable results after using them.

How can I stop my hair loss?
Answer – The steps to stop hair loss are as follows:

1- Follow the right combing technique with a good neem wood comb.
2- Oil your tresses regularly with good oil.
3-Regularly go for a haircut. This will also take care of split ends.
4- Avoid using chemical products.
5- Minimise the habit of hair styling tools.
6- Use a mild shampoo.
7- Include lots of protein in your menu.

Which vitamin is best for hair?
Answer – Primary hair nutrients we require to have unimaginable hair are Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B12. Besides protein, collagen, silica, Omega 3 fatty acid, Iron, biotin, and Zinc are other essential needs of the locks. Please check my article on Hair Nutrition

Is it normal for hair to fall?
Answer – It is normal to lose locks approximately 50 to 100 strands per day. If it is much more than that then it is supposed to be taken charge of.

Why am I suddenly losing so much hair?
Answer – Excessive hair fall is not a good sign. A reliable diagnosis is needed. There can be many causes associated with hair loss like nutritional deficiency, health problems, junk food, etc.

I have tried to accumulate important details concerning hair fall. I have included corrective measures, home
Remedies, preliminary stages, reasons, and much more in this write-up.

You’ll are free to note down you advice (if there are any) in the comment section.


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