Rice Water: A Wonder Healer Dull and Damaged Hair

 Rice water

Did you know rice water can be utilized as a hair commodity? The theory of applying it on the locks for begetting beautiful hair originated from a town in china called Huangluo Yao Village, where the Red Yao tribe lives.

The majority of the ladies who reside here are identified as having long stunning hair. This is why this village is generally called the “Land of Rapunzel’s” and this long hair community was even referenced by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Secret of Rapunzel

Wondering what can be the secret behind having such beautiful, long, luscious hair? The secret behind this is that the village women wash their hair with rice water.

The Japanese also used this solution to wash their hair and are known for their beautiful long hair. Gradually this century-old culture popularised and people throughout the globe became cognizant of the magnificent results of using this water for hair and skin.

It is a great beauty product and recently has gained a lot of popularity. It is known for its hair growth and hair-strengthening properties. There are scientifically proven benefits of this.

Efficiencies of rice water

1- According to studies its found that there is an ingredient in rice water called “INOSITOL” that benefits the hair by increasing the hair elasticity and making the surface of the hair smooth.
2- It comprises 16% protein so it acts as a protein treatment for the hair.
3- Rice contains vitamins and minerals which are transferred to the liquid when this solution is prepared.
4- This solution promotes less breakage of the hair.
5- The application of this relaxes the scalp, by reducing the dryness of the surface hence works as a remedy for dandruff.
6- This works as a natural conditioner.
7- It gives a natural shine to the hair.
8- Delivers excellent results to all hair types.
9- Outcomes attained from applying it are rather fast.

How does the rice water work on the scalp?

The hair follicles absorb the vitamins and minerals from rice water and boost hair health.

Is the rice water overloaded with protein?

Sometimes the overdose of protein in this special kind of water makes hair look dry. There are ways with which this problem can be taken care of. A hair spray will solve the problem. How to make it? Follow the steps mentioned below –
Take enough of it and put it into a spray bottle.

Add a tablespoon of castor oil or any other hair oil of your choice to it. You can also add few drops of essential oil. ( the aroma of essential oil will take care of the odor of this stuff).

Close the bottle and now you can spray this concoction and let it sit onto your hair for 30 minutes. If it suits you, you can also leave it overnight and can wash your hair with plain water the next day. Use this solution once every two weeks. You can refrigerate the leftover for a week.

What health benefits does rice water? 

We are aware of the varied convincing features of the advantages of this water to our tresses. To add to this, it is a storehouse of health wellness.

Both ways, applying and consuming this starchy water increases the benefits to our overall well-being.

How much rice water to drink?

Drink a glass of warm rice water every morning, to boost your energy levels. You can add salt and pepper powder to it. This will enhance the taste.

Advantages of sipping cooked rice water?

Boost energy level – This starchy water has an ample quantity of energy. It has got carbohydrates in abundance. If you consume this wonder water daily you will hardly feel feeble or tired.

Constipation – The fibre content in this water increases our metabolism and our digestion. It is good for our intestine. The bowel movement is enhanced by the extension of helpful bacteria in the gut.

Fatigue – The carbohydrate amplifies energy. To reduce fatigue combine a small amount of ghee and salt with this water and drink it.

Diarrhea –This starchy water controls diarrhea if it is given at the start of this problem.

Viral fever – This water assists to recover from viral fever and infection.

High blood pressure -In the case of high blood pressure this water can reduce it. The sodium content in this starchy liquid is low, which helps in cutting down the pressure.

How to make rice water to drink?

Wash two tbsp of rice with plain water. Add one cup of water to the cleaned rice. 

Boil it till the rice is tender. Strain the water. This water is ready to be consumed.

Steamed rice water for skin whitening

The skin lightening features in this water help in making skin white and tight. It is considered an anti-aging fluid. When applied to the skin it transforms it to glossy and spotless.

Which rice is best for skin whitening?

Both types of rice are good. However, if compared to white rice, the brown category contains more nutrients. Both have got carbohydrates but brown rice is rich in Vitamin B, minerals, and antioxidants.

Is boiled rice water better than regular one?

Fermented rice water gives the best results. It has more antioxidants. Boiled rice water is always better than regular water. 

A teaser

My next write-ups will be loaded with information on how to make this solution, which rice should preferably be used, How to store it, how to apply it, how to wash it, the duration of fermenting it, which essential oils can be added to your preparation, how to make a hair mask till then you’ll try these incredible products like Wish care fermented rice water shampoo and hair mask, Mamaearth rice water shampoo, Mamaearth rice hair oil, Mamaearth rice water conditioner. I have provided associate links of the wonderful commodities which are formed with rich selective ingredients to provide maximum hair benefits. It helps hydrate, moisturize & repair weak, damaged, and over-processed hair.

This dosage of nutrients should be given a must-try. Rice water is certainly a remedy for maximum hair-related issues.


The traditional instructions are not a replacement for doctors’ opinions. Always consult a professional for a medical verdict if required. If any side effect erupts then discontinue applying the product. 

Keep posting your inputs, experience, and opinion in the comments section.


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